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Welcome to Cazic's Knights! We are a guild on Maelin Starpyer. This is the home of an adult based raiding guild. We are aiming to be into Crystallos by the end of next month with a hard push toward future events. With that said this is a game we are here to have fun. While we may be a young guild we are going to be pushing to move on and up. We use a DKP based looting system and at this time have a two week app period. There is a review and if it is agreed you are in.

The rules are simple

1. The person joining Cazic's Knights must be lvl 70

2. The person joining must want to raid at least 2-3days a week.

3. This is an adult guild! Some words will fly but please try and handle disputes at the lowest possible level. The officers and the guild leader are not babysitters

4. Don't fill the guild bank with crap , such as low spells, trade skill stuff etc , if u feel u have something and its useful to the guild, guild bank it !

5. This will be a raiding guild, so when we raid and you are online we expect that you attend, to many missed raids and you’re online; will result in being kicked from the guild. We cannot progress, plan, or move up unless we have some form of stability in the numbers that show up.

6. Please respect each other and treat others the way you would want to be treated!

7. PLEASE group with guildes as much as possible and always be on the lookout for new recruits over level 70, Recruiting will close when we have 40 very active willing to raid toons.

8. We really are a bunch of fun and nice people and just want to be able to see some of the upper end of the game so if you’re interested put in an app!

9. PLEASE do not use anon use /roleplay instead

10. and last but not least have fun and do what u do ! eq is a game we all pay to play so enjoy !

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